A Simple Introduction to Ray Algorithms


What is Ray? Ray is known as casting a ray line from a point (Ray Origin) in space to a point or to a certain direction (Ray Direction) in space. Literally, a ray is a line segment that starts at a point and extends in a direction. We can use two values to define a ray: the origin and the direction. What ever dimension space the ray is in, we can use the origin and direction to define a ray. Ok, so how to define a ray origin and direction? Commonly, we can use vectors to define the origin and direction. When it comes to vectors, Wow! 继续阅读“A Simple Introduction to Ray Algorithms”

Something About Computer Graphics

忽然就想用英语来写写技术系列之二 – 浅谈计算机图形学。接着上一篇我之前写的《Web 图形学从入门到 “放弃” 指南》的文章,我再来畅谈一下计算机图形学的皮毛。

In last few years, I have been learning computer graphics from 2d Canvas, 2D Svg, Webgl, Three.js, Webgpu and Glsl
shader programs.

As the saying goes, “There are three romantic areas in programming: 1. Operating System 2. Compiler 3. Computer
Graphics”. 继续阅读“Something About Computer Graphics”